SoilCares introduces Scanner Packages at POLAGRA PREMIERY

SoilCares attends the 7th edition of POLAGRA-PREMIERY in Poznan

SoilCares, a provider of innovative AG-Tech services will attend the 7th edition of the POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Agricultural Fair in Poznan.

SoilCares Scanner Packages

Together with its partner Blue Fifty a new revolutionary Ag-Tech service for precision soil testing & monitoring will be introduced on the Polish market: SoilCares Scanner Packages. The package consists of a Soil Scanner and a set of applications for your smartphone. The device and applications are easy-to-use on a smartphone and based on a cutting edge big data solution.

Test & monitor soil

With this package, you can test & monitor soil frequently. This allows better nutrient application at the right time and location resulting in healthy crop development and ultimately higher yields.

Where to find us at POLAGRA PREMIERY?

You can find us on booth 27

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